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sukyo mahikari
what is sukyo mahikari?

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in focusing on material development, modern civilization made tremendous strides in the latter half of the 20th century, making it possible for many people to enjoy unprecedented levels of comfort. yet there is growing concern that the unbridled pursuit of material gain is threatening the natural environment and eroding the foundation of society, the family.

true light is a spiritual practise that can help alleviate many of the difficulties people encounter in their lives today.

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sukyo mahikari was established with the goal of enabling people to experience the existence of a higher dimension through experiencing the art of true light. furthermore, it encourages people to change their way of life to a more spiritual and god-centred one by following principles god established for the prosperity and happiness of humankind, including using material resources with a spiritual way of thinking.

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the fundamental teaching of sukyo mahikari is: "the origin of the world is one, the origin of humankind is one, and the origin of all religions is one". inspired by the light, teachings, and their experiences with true light, members of sukyo mahikari find joy in learning how to develop love and harmony all around them - in their families, workplaces, and schools - for this is the first step to achieving true happiness and world peace.

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sukyo mahikari is concerned with helping to establish a better world through improving the quality of life for all living creatures and all things. this is achieved by the light of the creator god and by practising principles of the universe, which are given through certain teachings. it is a practical way of becoming god-centered in daily life, and is for all people irrespective of their religion, race or background. one can play an active role in improving society, the environment and one's country with the understanding that the origin of the world is one; the origin of all humankind is one; the origin of all religions is one.

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the aim is to create a futuristic civilization in which progress is measured not only by so-called modern, technological advances in the sphere of materials, but also, improvement is made for everyone and everything. that is, progress in medicine, science, technology, education and so on must be both people-friendly and environmental-friendly.

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sukyo mahikari was established in 1959 by mr. kotama okada, generally known as sukuinushisama. beginning in japan, sukuinushisama made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world (approximately 80 countries) to radiate true light (mahikari), the light of god, from the hand. the light purifies everything spiritually, the light purifies everything spiritually, mentally and physically, and together with the practise of the teachings, enables health, harmony and material well-being to be achieved step by step.




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from sukyo mahikari international journal and also australia and asia journal

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